Lymphatic insufficiency is not only lymphoedema​.

Dear Colleagues and Friends of Lymphology,

It is my honour to invite you to the 44th congress of the European Society of Lymphology taking place in Prague from 20th to 22nd of September 2018, together with the annual congress of the Czech Society of Lymphology LYMPHO 2018.

European lymphology is undoubtedly world class, not only considering the research of lymphatic system, but especially considering treatment of lymphatic insufficiency. This insufficiency leads to a wide range of clinical pictures/features, from fibro-productive processes, impaired healing, inflammation complications of soft tissues, to lymphoedema. 

In addition to main lectures, the congress programme offers discussions with experts from Europe and from overseas. This provides a unique opportunity for members of the medical community across the medical field to gain up-to-date information concerning diagnostics, screening, and conservative as well as surgical treatment of lymphatic insufficiency/lymphoedema. There are actually only few clinical fields in which this issue is not involved. 

As every year, the organizers have prepared sufficient space for the presentation and display of medical aids for treatment of lymphedema and its complications, which offers the participants the opportunity to discuss directly with producers and distributors of medical aids.  This can be applicable also to producers and distributors of drugs, although lymphology is not currently, unlike other medical fields, based on pharmacotherapy. On the other hand, medication is often an indispensable part of a complex treatment plan for lymphedema.

Producers and distributors at the congress will have the opportunity to effectively approach the lymphological community, to introduce innovations, or to highlight advantages of their products. 

I am looking forward to seeing you at the congress.

Yours truly,

Assoc. Prof. Martin Wald, M.D., Ph.D.
President of the Congress
President of the Czech Society of Lymphology